Newton, N.C. – Keltec has recently announced the shipping of its newest pistol, the P50™. The P50™ is a unique looking pistol chambered in the 5.7×28mm cartridge and uses genuine FN P90 magazines inserted into the weapon upside down.


  • Caliber: 5.7x28mm
  • Weight Unloaded:  3.2lbs
  • Magazine Capacity: 50
  • Overall Length: 15″
  • Barrel Length: 9.6″
  • Barrel Threads: 1/2×28 TPI
  • Height: 6.7″
  • Width:  2″
  • Trigger Pull:  5lbs

Kel-Tec’s official website revealed details about the P50™, saying that the weapon was going to beginning shipping within the first quarter of 2021, with an MSRP of $995.

Stay Tune for More Information On Official Product Release and Availability at Vegetius Firearms.