Newton, NC – Remington, located in Ilion, New York, has resumed operations. Employees who have been laid off since last year returned and reportedly began work on new products, including shotguns; including the production of the classic Model 870 pump-action shotgun, a staple of Remington’s catalog since 1950, is set to resume. 

The Remington Model 870 shotgun replaced Big Green’s well-liked Model 31 some seven decades ago and was in steady factory production up until last year, with over 11 million models delivered to the market in dozens of variants, making it one of the most popular shotguns in firearms history. (Photo:

Shut down in the aftermath of Remington Outdoors’ federal bankruptcy filing and resulting auction last September, the New York factory and a Tennessee-based pistol barrel plant were acquired by Roundhill Group for $13 million.

The workers, laid off last year, are back at work after an agreement was reached early last month with local labor union officials. Some 585 employees of the plant were sent home when it closed on Oct. 26, 2020.

As part of the bankruptcy proceedings, Remington Outdoors’ operations were divided up and purchased by several other firearm and ammunition companies. In addition, several other companies are looking to return to the market. The Bushmaster black rifle brand, acquired by Nevada-based Franklin Armory, has been teasing a future rebirth. The Marlin Firearms line of lever-action rifles, which gun giant Ruger purchased at auction. 

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